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Make the most of your room space with Renovatik bespoke fitted wardrobes.

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Fitted Wardrobe Styles

We offer a wide range of fitted wardrobes configurations in Manchester to fit your needs and lifestyle. Limitless possibilities are what make us unique.

Fitted Wardrobes

All Renovatik fitted wardrobes are designer to fit the exact shape of your room, build with high-grade materials, constructed with sophisticated joinery methods and finished with a high level of details. Built-in soft-close system is fitted as a standard of all wardrobes.

Sliding Doors Wardrobes

Sliding wardrobes bring practicality and cleaver solutions for your clothes. Minimizing the space required gives you more space in the room. A sophisticated sliding mechanism brings beautiful motion into your room and a quality sliding wardrobe to use for a long time.

Walk In Wardrobes

Our amazing walk-in wardrobes can change entirely how you can organize your clothes forever. You can not only organize your clothes but also enjoy the view of all your clothes as you walk into the room.

Free Standing Wardrobes

We can also build your dream free standing wardrobe using our building construction methods. Getting the flexibility to move it or disassemble but build the right way and your own style.

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Fitted Wardrobe Door finish And Styles

Our Fitted Wardrobes are not pieces of furniture you replace every year or two. Its Beautiful furniture made e to last and to be enjoyed every time you walk into the room.


A huge collection of finishes to choose from. All the finishes are so realistic due to their quality and also surface texture.

  • Woodgrain
  • Solid Colors
  • Metal F1224
  • Painted Wood
  • Stone
Solid wood

19mm Solid oak rails and styles.In the natural or stained finish. Oak faced baltic birch centre panel. These unique finishes are only available at Renovatik and they are our signature collection.

Birch Plywood

We hand finish our birch plywood door. Sanding all edges face and back. We apply a hard and durable finish making it waterproof whilst feeling natural to the touch.

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Our fitted Wardrobe Interiors

Renovatik fitted wardrobes use solid construction and sophisticated joinery methods to provide you with the best possible finish and quality as you expect from bespoke fitted wardrobes. Starting with our signature baltic birch plywood interior and 12mm solid backs to ensure the durability of our products. The feel of real wood is really noticeable and well appreciated in modern and traditional fitted wardrobe design. We offer a huge collection to choose from MFC interiors with different finishes starting with colours, wood grain, metal, stone and fabric. All the finishes have specific textures to produce a realistic finish not only visually but on touch.

Melamine Faced Chipboard
  • Limitless options.
  • 2mm ABS edging as standartd.
  • High quality textured finish
  • Ridgid Carcases Glued and squared.
  • 8 and 12mm back panel.

Wide range of MFC interior options including wood grains, fabric, metals, stone and solid colours.

Baltic Birch Plywood
  • Strength and Stability
  • Solid Joinery
  • Appearance and Feel
  • Environmental friendly

Baltic birch plywood is and its unique properties make probably one of the best interiors for a fitted wardrobe. Its warm colour and feel of real wood its unmatch for most regular interiors. Its 13 ply layers make it probably if not the most durable finish of all. It's really popular for its appealing edge chosen for interior furniture by many manufacturers around the world.

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What makes Our Fitted Wardrobes Special?

Finding clothing storage solutions that fit your lifestyle and make the most of your room space can be hard to achieve. Renovatik design-build and install bespoke fitted wardrobes in a range of beautiful styles for rooms of all shapes and sizes, offering you the best clothing storage solutions to suit your space and lifestyle. Our bespoke designs for fitted wardrobes maximises every millimetre of your space, creating the perfect bedroom storage solution wherever you need it. Unlike freestanding and ready build fitted wardrobes, Renovatik bespoke fitted wardrobes leave no wasted space and its build is to last. Unlike many others, Our bespoke design and construction methods are truly bespoke. Any depth any height and any finish.

Design and Planning

We offer free surveys and home design to help you organize and maximize your clothing storage solution. We will also bring you some samples and take notes of your preferred materials, finishes and configuration. You will get detailed drawings, material specifications and detailed estimates.

Solid Contruction Method

Our fitted wardrobes are designed with durability in mind. Solid wood tenon joinery. Glued and squared during the installation. We offer 8mm and 12mm solid backs to ensure cabinet stability and durability. On MFC interiors we use 2mm abs edging. The back is routed into the sides making them much more durable compared to 3mm nailed backs regular wardrobes are fitted or no back panel in many cases resulting in your clothes getting in contact with the wall behind.

Bespoke Dimensions

What actually bespoke wardrobes should be? Bespoke must give you the freedom to choose the finish, back panel thickness, the width of each component and also the height of the furniture. This is what we offer a fully bespoke design and manufacturing.

Handmade By Craftsman

We build every individual component manually. We don't produce mass-production furniture but cabinets tailored to your home and lifestyle.

Special Features

All Renovatik Fitted wardrobes are designed to fit the exact shape of your room, creating more space to fit more in and enjoy. Unlike freestanding and ordinary wardrobes, our bespoke fitted wardrobes maximize the use of the space of your room and bring high standards of construction methods so you can enjoy your furniture for many years ahead. Solid 12mm backs routed into the sides. Hand-painted with Farrow & Ball paint 18mm and 22mm MDF doors in combination with MFC interior or Oak framed doors in combination with Birch plywood interior for an ultimate real wood feel wardrobes we provide you with modern and more traditional bespoke fitted wardrobes.

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